Dana, I had the best night’s sleep last night. You are very gifted and was spot on regarding a particular area in my life. You gave me a lot of information, insight and your words are always thought provoking. If you will, almost giving me permission to expand thoughts and choices. I hope you keep curious, grow and expand your learning so that all that cross your path can continue to receive your gifts. – S.W. Denver, CO

I just received my first reading, ever, given by Dana Holliday and it was incredible! Knowing that it was my first psychic reading, she started by giving me an over view of what we would be doing. We began by having me put my hands on top of hers and she asked my guides to be present. She said that about 10 people stepped up when she did that. I didn’t even know that I had guides! As she was talking about them, my entire body came alive and felt tingly. Next she went through what she called “the usual’s, finance, friends, family, etc” She spoke with wisdom about many of the struggles I have gone through over the past 5 – 6 years, although we have only known each other for a year. She gave me a lot of great insight about where I’ve been, how I got here and where I am headed. She encouraged me that the path I am taking now is right, although I may need to make some adjustments, which, in my heart of hearts I knew, so it was very affirming to hear that. After this, I asked her about how I would get in touch with my guides. She gave me some tips on meditation and opening up to hearing, seeing and feeling your guides. I am excited to start finding them in my life!
Next, she pulled cards for me. The cards reiterated that I was in a place of change and evolution in my life. She encouraged me to embrace the energy changing in myself. She alerted me that people may start to sense this and gave me some examples that I may start to notice in my daily interactions. The cards revealed a repeating image of an owl, so she advised me to look into the owl as a spirit animal. She also advised me to begin to focus my energy, and gave me an example of getting a necklace, or starting to utilize crystals or runes.
Ultimately, I left the session feeling encouraged, enlightened, and refreshed. She was very intuitive and insightful. She was very approachable and made sure that I understood everything that she was telling me. Her advice was timely, relevant and practical. I will definitely be returning for another reading and would recommend Dana to others! – A.S. Denver, CO